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Our vision is radical wholeness through restorative leadership, and this shows up in how we do our work. At LV8 Equity Consulting, we approach each opportunity with a client circumspectly, addressing their needs at the root level. In the spirit of collaboration, we partner with our clients and stakeholders as co-creators in paving pathways to navigate challenges, dismantle barriers, overcome conflicts, uproot broken systems, and build out new methods in our press towards equity

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Wellness and equity is etched into the foundation and core of what we do. We illuminate pathways to equity through thought leadership and collaboration with key stakeholders, helping you overcome the challenges at hand. We have a unique approach to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging that pulls people in and centers building bridges across differences, tailoring each experience with intention. Our approach to consulting highlights that the health of an organization is the health of its people. We recognize that addressing systemic and structural challenges is difficult which is why infusing love, joy, and humor along the way is central to our process.


We strive towards the optimization of equitable work environments to level the playing field. We co-develop learning opportunities with organizations to uplift interculturally competent, inclusive and equity minded employees and workplace values. Central to our process is our strength of facilitation, mediation, and coaching. Our process starts with a needs assessment, empowered by empathic listening. Recognizing that each organization is different, we have a diverse repertoire of tools to help facilitate the process. We are with you for the long haul to support you in addressing systemic issues and creating safe spaces for meaningful conversations while cultivating inclusive anti-racist work environments. We ensure sustainability by providing advising as part of our additional support.

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