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We are a restorative organization that prioritizes the value of wholeness as a standard. It is from this place that we experience great joy in partnering with the mission of Elevate. We believe wholeness is our birthright and operating from a place of rest versus striving is something that we can all afford. Keeping this central at the heart of the organization is where we thrive.

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Supporting holistic wellness by blending the heart and mind.

Through empathy and authenticity, I work with others to explore ideas, build impactful connections, cultivate wellness and uplift DEIB values. My contributions to this work include providing knowledge, tools and support to individuals and organizations to help them exceed their ultimate goals when working with us. I help the team gain increased clarity on how we can center our client and find restorative ways to become more aligned with organizational goals and grow through equity. I work to develop systems to shift towards leveling the playing field where organizations can discuss what their needs are for us to collaboratively explore the ways we can intervene to bridge that gap. As a consultant, I am people first centered, Meaning: I find focusing on the wellbeing of the staff and the organizations we work with is a priority. I work to infuse learning and development to help shape a more interculturally competent workplace.


Cultivating grace and trust by centering service and love.

I do this consulting work, not as a job but because it springs from the well of my life’s work in helping others to live out their purpose by engineering change. Furthermore, I am passionate about conducting this work holistically.

DEI practices and wellness within a workplace are synonymous for me. A workplace environment that does not have diversity, equity, and inclusion intertwined into the fabric of the organization is an environment where wellness cannot thrive. An exclusionary work climate, or one that has the proper rhetoric, without equitable practices, is an environment where belonging is stagnated for many individuals. And having a sense of connection to community is foundational in cultivating a culture of wellness. If I had to synthesize this principle into a statement, I would say that wellness is an outward expression of an organization that embraces the diverse perspectives and background that many bring and has embedded practices that ensures all have access to the necessary resources and opportunities to succeed.

The most rewarding part of the work I get to do with Elevate Equity Consulting is uplifting others. Intrinsic to our name, elevating others by developing strategic plans that center the needs of people is at the heart of what we do–and I am committed to that mission. It is an honor and privilege to be able to do this vital work.


Revitalizing connections and community to foster collaboration in unraveling chaos.

My role is to be a builder, whether that’s supporting your own personal development, improving organizational change, or creating new systems that will positively impact your staff. Growing and developing others is where I find purpose. Those ah ha moments when people gain further self-awareness or see themselves in a new light bring me joy. Wellness to me is when you feel good holistically and are able to authentically be yourself in the workplace and beyond.

How I work is by being a connector. I love working with others to understand their needs, how they would like to solve the problem, and ultimately connecting you with tools and resources to solve DEIB problems. My hope is to help organizations create environments and systems that will allow their staff and stakeholders to thrive. 

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